Moody’s/REAL CPPI in Google Charts

June 17th, 2011  ::  Posted by CRE Console

Recently, I’ve been toying around with Google Charts…. and finally getting the hang of it! Below is a chart of Moody’s/REAL CPPI by asset class.

I’ve demo’d other charting utilities, such as Blytic and Tableau Public, with limited success. I knew that Google had charting abilities in their Google Docs service, but until recently, I had to export the chart as a picture in order to post it on the blog.

Now, it appears that you can actually create a similar chart to what you see on Google Finance, using Google Docs. This ability really makes the data a lot more interactive and intelligent. Of course, the application still has it’s shortcomings. For instance, I have not found a way to create a chart with two Y axes, so that I could show both the base index and the percentage change from the prior period.

Also, it would be cool to be able to include check boxes for each data series, like you can in Google Finance, to able to compare a certain stock against the S&P 500′s performance. I am sure there is way to do it if I knew more programming language, but it would be nice if Google built these features so that a more novice user (like myself) could use them in Google Docs.

Here’s to hoping….

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