Are we crazy?

October 31st, 2009  ::  Posted by CRE Console

People may wonder why — in a market with transaction volume down nearly 95% from its peak — would you launch a new online venture serving the commercial real estate investment industry?

We’re glad you asked; below are the top 3 reasons why:

  1. Efficiency is more valuable than ever before.  As recently noted in a recent NREI article aptly titled Slow Market, Busy Brokers, fewer closings and extended closing timelines mean brokers must operate as efficiently as possible. CRE Console automates as much as possible of the campaign management, investor tracking and client reporting functions to ensure the highest level of productivity.
  2. As companies reduce overhead, future administrative support and proprietary research will become more scarce. Our service will fill this void by providing an alternative to internal support and research responsibilities. By serving multiple clients and market segments, we will allow our users to outsource many of these responsibilities.
  3. Investors require a higher level of transparency.  Investors’ higher underwriting standards require that brokers provide reliable and verifiable underwriting assumptions. It is no longer acceptable to assume 3% rent growth into eternity. Instead, all assumptions must be based on underlying fundamentals. CRE Console will soon allow brokers to provide prospective bidders direct access to third-party data providers, enabling prospective bidders to more effectively underwrite their listings.

CRE Console understands that the most valuable service our users provide are their personal relationships and local market intelligence. These are two things technology will never be able to replace or replicate.

Our objective is to build a platform which enables our users to focus on building relationships and gaining market knowledge. This will allow our users to deliver a superior level of service to their clients.

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